My blog is no longuer available for editing

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    M blog is not there anymore. I updated yesterday and use my dashboard without problem. I can still view my blog : but cannot access to dashboard anymore. With my Username I could change the password but the message sent was was for but not for My profile information is still there. HELP, How can access to my dashboard for my blog



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    Hey there, that should be some minor problem. A database failure is very unlikely to happen with a blog as data is stored and regulated centrally as compared to blogs where its on your side.

    Now, coming back to the point. You have one username (annegros) to access your blog. Instead of logging into and then selecting your blog dashboard from the dropdown on the top bar, try doing this.

    Go to your blog’s exclusive login page.

    And login with the ‘administrator’ username (in case you wrote your blog with a separate user). If it still doesnt login you’ve most likely forgotten or changed the blog password in some kind of confusion.

    Use this link to use Password Regeneration Service of your blog which is not the same as that of

    Hope that helps, Cheers!



    truthwhispers: THANKS A LOT, it works !

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