My blog is not coming up on search as I expected it to with purchased domain nam

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    Hi guys I am really sorry I am confused. I made a new blog “white wolf dojo”. I want it to come up as Like my other blog “ comes up without WordPress on it. I bought the domain name and hosting from crazy domains. I upgraded to a redirect but I think I bought the wrong thing as I don’t relly understand all the terminology. Sorry I know it must be annoying for you.
    I just want white wolf dojo to perform the same as Blackbelt solutions but as a separate entity.
    Gosh, hope that makes some kind of sense to you….
    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is


    I made a new blog

    How New is New?

    It can take a while for things to settle down and get into the various systems across the web. Maybe days, maybe weeks.



    If you bought the domain AND hosting from someone, you need to set the domain up to point to that blog over there, not a blog on If you want to use the domain name on a blog, follow these instructions



    Ok thanks. Will have a look at the link. It’s brand new as in today….
    I get confused about whether I tell WordPress the domain name or I tell my domain name WordPress…. As in which way around the pointing/redirecting works from if you know what I mean?

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