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My blog is not displaying Bueno Theme properly

  1. My blog is not displaying correctly. I have tried the troubleshooting and a second PC with the same issue. It is stretching the content and it looks ugly. Is the theme screwed up?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine is a bueno theme too and mine has gone all odd. The header links are on the right instead of left and I have a strange black bar across the screen. I had to disable all the footer widgets because they were appearing in the middle of the page, and the links at the bottom of each blog on the home page now go off the bottom of the page.

    Whats happening>?

  3. You're not alone, I've tagged this so a moderator / staff member can take a look.

  4. I've just reported this issue to our developers. I'll notify you once it has been resolved.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Thanks very much for reporting it! I hope it gets resolved soon...

  6. Our developer is working on it as we speak. I'll keep you informed. Thank you for your patience.

  7. Great, the day I get the most hits through writing an article on a hugely popular blog you've screwed how my blogs looks up. Thanks very much

  8. Here's a simple suggestion, reverse what you did, go and play with it on somewhere that doesn't impact your customers then come back to us when it's fixed

  9. mine is just the same. Ever since the new search bar has been added, the side and bottom bars are not displayed properly: I suspect the search bar tool is to blame. Thank you for addressing it so quickly!

  10. I'm just joining this thread because my Freshy is all screwed up and I want to get updated (I posted on two other threads). Thanks.

  11. Same problem here: [email redacted]

  12. The issue for the Bueno Theme has been resolved.

    If you don't see the change yet, please try clearing out your browser cache.

    We're still looking into the bug of the other theme(s).

  13. Hello Kardotim, it worked for the side and bottom bars, but all of a sudden the font has changed, giving the blog a very different look. Can something be done abot that?

  14. My Bueno theme blog ( now has it's search bar & widgets back in the right place. The fonts look a little weird however (appear to have increased in size by 0.5pt compared with a cached version?!).

    Cheers for sorting out the design issues though!

  15. Thank you for the prompt response.

  16. Thank you, kardotim, for helping to resolve the bueno issue.

  17. Could anyone shed some light on the "Freshy" theme issue? Not displaying correctly for the last oh so many hours.

  18. Can't believe how quickly you turned this round kardotim, thank you and well done

  19. It looks like my side bar is wider and the text bar is narrower, wile the font is a lot bigger on most text, and some are, on the contrary, a lot smaller. i do appreciate the hard work though.

  20. Same here for the Freshy theme...

  21. Are we required to do anything to fix the problem or should we simply wait?

  22. The issue with Freshy theme has been resolved.

    We're looking closer to see what's wrong with the Bueno fonts.

  23. Great. Thanks! Cheers!

  24. Same issue with the font-size, that seems bigger than the old one. I hope they fix even this problem as soon as possible.

  25. The font issue has been resolved.

    If you don't see the change yet, please try clearing out your browser cache.

    If you still encounter any issues, feel free to open a new thread at

  26. Thanks so much re: Freshy.

  27. Edit: I think they have fixed.

  28. I am very grateful because it looks all fine now. Thanks crew!

  29. Thanks a mil! Really well done!

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