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My blog is not in tags

  1. There is a bug that causes posts not to show in tags pages.

    Before sending a Support in, check the post does not have more than 12 tags + categories together. If it does, drop the number to 12 and re-save the post.

    Please really do check the tags pages.

    When you contact Support, send the full POST address. Please do not say "it's all of them", or "just check" - I need the exact address. Not sending this makes the reply to you that much slower.

    If your blog is marked Mature, I will tell you.

    Contrary to what some are saying, this is not censorship or anything even remotely like it. It's a bug and one we will fix.

  2. sorry those belong to me, happy4life. I post for berry rose sometimes. While I am here I will put berryrose's blogs that I haven't seen in tags

  3. Please - send in a Support.

    Posting here will not fix the problem.

  4. This same thing has been happening to me for about a month, and I have reported it several times. No one responds to me, which is unusual if it's a bug. I have listed my full blog address in all posts I send and even tried posting to a new blog I opened and it's the same thing. If this is not censorship, then why hasn't someone responded to me?
    My postings are not x rated, but they are highly controversial concerning Mitt Romney.

    Why Organic. One and Two

  5. I wasn't going to leave my blog address because I have aleady done so several times. But, just in case, those were missed, here it is again.

  6. Also. my other blog- same thing:

  7. This one is not in tags:

    And the support is closed, so I can't send it in there.


  8. My post this morning did not show up on tag pages. I checked and have less than 12 tags and categories.

    Please help! Nobody from support got back to me then I was locked out of support at 3PST.

  9. Thank you folks who help:)

  10. We are working on this - I am really sorry for the delay in fixing.

  11. this one doesn't show up in any...

    2 categories, 6 tags

    let me know if i'm doing something wrong...

  12. Folks:

    Bug fixed. Posts that were affected (a relatively small number) won't be automatically re-included in the tag lists. If you have a missing post, please edit and save it - it'll show up then.

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