My blog is not private but it is coming up as private?

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    My blog is public but it keeps reading as private. I have changed the settings and added new posts. Help, please? I am trying to pull pages into a Flipboard.

    I have no issue doing this on my other blog under the same account.

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff does not appear private to me.

    Can you show me a screenshot of where you are seeing it as being private?

    Here are some screenshot instructions if you are not familiar with the process:

    I find to be very useful for sharing screenshots. You can also upload the screenshot to your site’s media library. I will be able to see it there.


    Sure – The issue occurs when I try to add the page to my Flipboard mag. My other site, does not have this issue.

    Please see the screenshot here:

    PS – Thanks for the new screenshot sharing tool!



    Could you try adding this URL:

    That is your site’s actual feed URL.


    Thanks! But that doesn’t add either. Any other solutions? I’d rather not have to delete the site and start from scratch.



    Have you tried reaching out to Flipboard support? All we can do on our end is provide a valid feed:

    Aside from that, it is hard to troubleshoot another company’s product from this side of things. So I would be interested to hear if Flipbook has any advice.



    Can you try grabbing the feed from any other random site and seeing if it appears?



    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by grabbing the feed from another wordpress site. Can you please explain?

    I was in touch with Flipboard and they said to check if the feed is optimized based on their specifications:



    I’m not sure I understand what you mean by grabbing the feed from another wordpress site. Can you please explain?

    Doing the same thing you are trying to do with your site (and have successfully done with your other site), but use any other site. Mine for example:



    This happens with Facebook when your blog used to be private; in that case you have to clear the Facebook cache. Is there something similar you can do with Flipbook?



    That’s a good thought Raincoaster. I’ll be interested to hear the answer. Though if Flipboard support didn’t suggest it, I suspect that it isn’t an option.


    Thanks for the suggestions! I can’t pull anything off of – but it says, “OOPS! Something went wrong…”

    I am able to pull from my other site as well as our company’s main blog which is built in

    I just replied to Flipboard support with the cache clearing suggestion. They are going to have someone look into it as well.


    On second thought – The blog is successfully (magically) pulling into my Flipboard today.




    Ha! How about that.

    Well, glad to hear it worked itself out.

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