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my blog is not searchable on Google search engine

  1. why can't my blog be searched on Google?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. See here please because you are confused.

  3. Oh thank you. Though what I meant is that it can't be searched on Google with just it's title i.e. the name of the blog ( The House in Amboseli) without someone having to enter the link (shibswali etc). But maybe that will take a while? Thanks.

  4. Searching on "The House in Amboseli" (without quotes) returns 1.6 million hits - why should your site be on page 1?

    Put quotes on the string and your site shows on page 1

    Getting any given search string on page one can take some time and effort - visit @timethiefs site for better blogging tips - or look in the forum for how to have your blog search better

  5. Thank you auxclass. Didn't realize putting the quotation marks made such a difference. It actually comes up on page One as you've said. Thank you for that guidance.

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