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My blog is not showing up in tag searches

  1. My blog is not mature so I wanted to make sure it was not flagged under mature. Also, I am using less than 15 tags but still my blog is not showing up in the tag search results. Can you help... ? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Still haven't heard anything yet. Anyone on staff checking these requests?

  3. Please see this page of our FAQ for a list of potential reasons why your post is not displaying in the public tag results. One or more of these items is likely the cause of the issue you're encountering.

    On which post does this happen? and with what tag?

  4. Hi kardotim. It seems to be all of them now. Very strange. When I first started to post, they were showing up properly and all of a sudden they all disappeared from appearing in the tag search. I am using under the limit of tags, and they are relevant to the posts.

  5. Also, I looked at the page you provided and can find nothing that violates those standards provided. Things were working fine a few days ago.

  6. Which Tags are the ones that your posts are not appearing under please?

  7. A bunch of them depending upon the topic. Over the course of three weeks I've used: Mid Life Crisis, Astrology, women, New Age, men, self-realization, Karma, Wicca, Witchcraft, Humor, blogging, writing, thanksgiving... all depending the topic. My post were appearing at one point and have now disappeared

  8. Still not showing up... any members of the staff who might be able to help with specifics and how to fix the issue?

  9. The problem should be resolved now. Sorry for the delay.

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