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My blog is offline

  1. Hi there, my blog seems to be offline. Can you help me??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. same here,

  3. - seems to be mapped to a blog here but the name servers are not pointing to WordPress.COM - the date format on the whois is a Euro format that I am not clear what is day or month - but it looks like you might not have renewed your domain registration - you should contact your Registrar and see what the status of your domain name is - once you do that remember to also check the status of your domain mapping and renew if necessary

  4. I have also flagged this for staff attention

    To help them - what is the WordPress.COM blog that your domain names are mapped to? - your site loaded for me but some of the registration information is confusing to me, so the staff will need to help

  5. Hi auxclass, thx for your help. My blog is

  6. @hokema - thanks

    Please check with your Registrar (not WordPress.COM) where you purchased your domain name - they have changed the name servers - that is typical when a domain name is not renewed - and renew your domain name, then you can change the name servers back to WordPress.COM then check and renew the domain mapping if required

  7. @hokema: your domain is not registered with us, what you have is a domain mapping. Please contact your registrar to renew your domain.

    @igzebedze:our records indicate that your domain has been transferred to another registrar. Looks like it's now registered via GoDaddy:

  8. @jenia - yes, since i didn't hear from you for more than a day, and my site was further unavailable, i transfered it completely. thanks.

  9. @igzebedze: sorry about this, but glad to hear you are all set now.

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