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My blog is public but when I publish email followers do not receive

  1. virginiagiordano

    When I publish my email followers do not receive notification of my blog.
    Blog url:

  2. Hello there,
    Have the checked their email client spam filters? Do these help you?
    What if the emails aren't getting through?

  3. virginiagiordano

    I'll ask and see if that is the issue. I have set myself up as a 'follower' also - so I could see posts when they are sent. Could that be the problem in some weird way?
    Thanks -

  4. virginiagiordano

    Spam filter checked - they aren't there -

  5. I flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. virginiagiordano

    Thank you. I hope this is can fix it. Will they contact me with info & let me know if fixed or ?

  7. No Staff will not contact you. You can subcribe to the feed for this thread in the sidebar and receive all comments posted into it.

  8. virginiagiordano

    ok - I'm subscribed-

  9. Would you please give me the first four digits of the email addresses of three subscribers who have no received the emails?

  10. virginiagiordano

    I have only inflicted this experiment on one friend, first 4 letters are: GEOF

  11. Has he checked his spam folder?

    Also, is the email address on your account affected as well?

  12. virginiagiordano

    I have also subscribed myself so I could see when things are published - is that the problem? Also, I'm getting someone else to follow so I can check.

  13. virginiagiordano

    GEOF checked his spam folder - not there. I made 3 updates last night and I got all 3 and he didn't get any.

  14. Ok, you got all 3, which means the system is working as it should and the issue is on GEOF's end.

    I'd ask him to make sure that he hasn't made any filter to either block us or immediately empty spam.

    If not, he'll need to contact Gmail about this.

  15. virginiagiordano

    Thanks - I am having someone who does not have a gmail account sign up and I'll check. If more problems I'll check in again.

  16. virginiagiordano

    People do not receive my blog posts or updates. Yesterday, Happiness Eng said it was settings problem of my follower. NEW follower signed last night, different email server and same problem. Please help me solve this.

    Note from wordpress to my new follower, yet no post received.
    "Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site Virginia Giordano Art and will receive an email notification when a new post is made."

  17. Would you please give me the first four digits of the email address of the new affected subscriber?

  18. virginiagiordano


  19. virginiagiordano

    This is not a problem of every follower I have - I either have left something undone or the program is flawed - I really hope you have some advice. My followers have checked spam yes -

  20. Ok, you currently have two Email Followers, those are the two who aren't receiving the posts.

    Besides that, you have five Followers. Are those receiving the posts?

  21. virginiagiordano

    I don't know who the word press followers are and I don't know if they are getting. They just hopped on and they do not concern me, I want to use this blog to reach my mailing list and 99% of them are not on wordpress. BTW, I did not receive this post from you in my email, I found it when I looked at this string. Another problem -

  22. Did you check you spam filter for this post? Just want to be sure.

  23. virginiagiordano

    MaxManx - your last post did come to my email, but not the one before. And not in spam.

    I really hope you can help me, I love my blog and the reason I spent so much time on it is to get it out to all my followers to generate interest. Other people's work, why doesn't mine?

  24. Actually, I'm looking at now and the most recent post was from July 31, which was before both of these folks subscribed.

    They will only receive new posts published after they subscribed.

    Sorry for not noticing that sooner.

  25. virginiagiordano

    Then how do you publish. I have been hitting update on each blog post when I update which I did all this week. I guess I don't know where to hit publish. Can you direct me? If this is it - great!

  26. When you update a blog post, subscription emails are never sent out. You need to actually publish a new blog post.

  27. virginiagiordano

    Ok, that's good info - where is the Publish button, that's what I'm missing and I don't know where it is ?

  28. virginiagiordano

    Please direct me to Publish -

  29. You need to actually create a new blog post, not edit an existing one.

    Please refer to or

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