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my blog is ruining my life

  1. for some impossible reason my blog is like man repellent. I just write about THE TRUTH. I guess Some people can't handle the truth. But whatever. If I am going to get a boyfriend then he is going to either like when I write blogs about what he looks like sleeping or...well probably break up with me and leave me all alone like the rest of the bastards.

    Is your blog ruining your life?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. cookinginmexico

    Well, if you are going to write about what someone looks like when they are sleeping, and post if for the Whole Wide World to read, shouldn't you at least ask him first if it is OK with him? Sleeping is a very personal and intimate activity.

    Actually, my blog is doing amazing things for my life. Sometimes my photos are of a friend (not sleeping, but eating). I always ask them if it is OK to use the photo.

  3. pornstarbabylon

    Twitter is ruining my blog. I seem to spend more time there than writing on my new second blog. You don't have to think when tweeting. You just tweet. With blogging, there's sentence structure, formatting, and making sense of it all. My blog has actually crawled into my real world life when certain people and stalkers where threatening me and threatening me with lawsuits. Then I unknowingly dragged my boyfriend into it all because I needed his help.

    Either continue doing what you're doing if you really believe in what you're doing. Or don't tell anyone about the blog or just give it up all together.

  4. Blogging is entirely emo. It's a chicken/egg question.

  5. @noahtourjee

    Please be aware that writing for the web is NOT the same as writing for print media.   I am visually impaired. When I click into your site and view your latest post I witness  5 huge formidable blocks of text. The last block is in bold lettering and is in a smaller font than the rest of the post. There is no white space and no images, hence, no place to rest the eyes.

    Believe me when I say that if you wish to engage readers you do have to structure your posts in a more welcoming way than what you are doing now, and if you don't then some of those who hit on the blog will not even bother to attempt to read the content, they will simply bounce out.

  6. Yeah, timethief has said very right. The visual appearance of our blogs should be so welcoming that the reader can feel at home while reading it. those blogs which have a lot of ads/banners and mixed text or very bold fonts, i quickly skip them and don't read the contents, even fi i feel that there is a quality work done.

  7. Delete it then, if even you yourself thinks its "repelling" whoever for whatever reason thats not go let alone anything else. Dont let your blog ruin your life though...hopefully you did'nt mean that literally, lets hope not.

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