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My Blog Is Still Inactive

  1. Hi. It has been more than 24 hours and I have already submitted the confirmation, still my blog has not been activated and is still inactive. My blog name is

    Can anyone kindly let me know regarding this?


  2. You need to contact support

  3. Sorry there's nothing we can for you since we're just volunteers here in the forums
    you'll need to contact staff by using the link justjeenifer, provide for you.... :)

  4. You may have to delete the "Boost your SEO overnight! There's No Catch!" kind of thing, as staff may interpret that as a violation of some of the Terms of Service. If they do give you directives, compliance isn't optional, it's a precondition of the return of the blog.

  5. Okay. But the staffs are not getting back to me. Can you just let me know by what time do they usually contact us after submitting the "consideration" form?

  6. I dunno. Maybe you should try cutting out the www and try:

  7. I did and seems to be working fine!

  8. It is back and the owner knows what needs to be done - it should be as obvious as finding an elephant in your fridge.

  9. Yes Mark. Thanks. I've started doing more detailed reviews and deleted what looked like spammy comments and spammy blogs.

    Thanks Mark!

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