My blog keeps alternating forms. WHAT IS GOING ON!

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    Ok… I’m baffled. Completely baffled on what the heck is going on. I created a new blog just a week ago and posted my first entry. All was going so well.

    Suddenly I log in to make a new post and everything I did was reset. Brand new blog, no former entry, no custom headers, completely different. So I tried to make a new post. I tried to save the new post then suddenly and error occured. I hit continue and suddenly my old blog was back. My old post was there and everything… I said ok and rewrote my old post and posted it back up thinking it was fixed.

    Back on today to check the status on everything and BAM! Back to the second blog with the old post I tried to save and the header gone. WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

    Apparently I have two blogs both named Can someone help me get it back to one blog… preferably the one with both my posts…

    The blog I need help with is



    Probably a local caching issue – try clearing your browser cache or forcing a page update. Browsers will cache info on your hard disk and some ISP’s will cache content to save bandwidth.

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