My Blog Looks Juvenile..Help!

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    I’m a solid writer with zero computer website design. Can someone suggest what theme works for my beauty tips blog. Is the cutline theme okay?

    Do I need a new theme? New colors?

    Any ideas would help.



    Give us a link to your site :)


    I used cutline for a while, but grew to hate it because I found it had a very cold, antiseptic feel to it. If you like to publish photos to look good, it doesn’t do them justice either. In the presentation section, you can play around with all sorts of different themes before deciding on which one you like.


    Thanks…here’s my site :


    It’s really a matter of personal taste. I can’t read pink script – gives me a headache. Why don’t you go to the presentation button on the dashboard and pretend you’re in the changing room trying on new clothes? :-)
    You can select which ones allow custom headers, since that’s what you have with cutline. Some also allow you to change colors, etc.



    The purple text is very hard to read and (since you asked!) it’s not very professional, imo. I love the header image you’re using.


    LOL…well, I asked for honesty. I really appreciate your suggestions. Lettershometoyou, you crack me up. I barely know how to get to presentation…just kidding. But actually, I call myself the ‘computer village idiot.’ I’m self-taught but didn’t even know exactly what a widget was.
    Ellaella…I’m glad you love my header. I love Sophia Loren as a beauty icon. but I wasn’t sure if it looked that great. I will take your suggestions to heart. Thanks much.



    There was an experienced blogger at wordpress who had a tagline:
    “learning to blog one error at a time.”
    I love that advice. your blog is fine. Have fun tinkering don’t worry if you don’t think your blog is perfect.
    You have more fun, learn faster, and have a blog that your really like quicker if you follow that advice.



    beauty tips… if you are ok with a red accent, try flower power. it’s a peaceful theme with a little black, but it is ok. hope this helps.



    It says your blog is deleted. It’s right?

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