My blog looks wrong on explorer

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    Apologies if this is a really dumb question; while my blog

    looks fine on firefox, when viewed on explorer the widgets all hang below the last post. Any idea how I can get them up beside the current post where they belong?



    Please try this. Remove the tag cloud widget and save changes. Refresh and then look at your blog again.

    The reason I’m suggesting this is because your blog does not look fine in firefox The tag widget tags have overflowed the blog lay out on the right hand side into the background. Looking at your blog in IE& I now see the tag cloud is overflowing the layout too exactly like I noted above.


    you were right. I have removed the tag cloud and all appears to be well on both firefox and IE. Do you happen to know if there is any way to have both the tag cloud and the category cloud without it screwing up the page? Thank you very much for your help


    If you put the tag cloud back in now, it may correct itself. It did that for me the other day.


    tried it and it stuffs up the page again. oh well, at least the remaining widgets are where they should be….


    Since the sidebar widgets are cached, it may take a few hours for it to correct, but in my experience it will correct.


    ah ok, I´ll try that tomorrow and see what happens… off to bed now. thanks a lot



    I’m not using the tag cloud widget on my blog, … but it got really weird on Explorer when I changed the format. Looks great in Firefox. Do i have to dismantle all the widgets???



    It looks much the same in IE7 as it does in Firefox for me. I’m thinking the problem might be the large image in your sidebar, though. Generally it’s not a good idea to have an image as large as that on your blog as it can break your layout. Try taking that widget out to see if that’s the problem; if it is, just resize it to a smaller size and you should be fine.

    If that’s not the problem, can you tell us what you’re seeing and what version of IE you’re using?



    @cjwriter: It’s fine on IE 7 but disaster on IE5 or below.

    Yes, cjwriter is correct. You’re going to have to remove that huge image in the sidebar or else resize it because Internet Explorer seems to be overlapping the things so that it fits within the page.

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