my blog lost 99% of its traffic after the sopa protest

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    I was getting 300-500 hits a day, a large part through stumbleupon. The day after the blackout my traffic was only half what it was. The next day it was just half of that. Now I’m getting less than 10 hits a day.

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not a problem. Check the web for news about changes to stumbleupon.


    I contacted them first, they said nothing was wrong. And I’ve spent quite a lot of time searching for answers online already, and come up with nothing.



    A question: had you been submitting your OWN stuff to Stumble?



    Stumbleupon is meant to be used to discover and share new sites. It’s not meant to be used by groups of friends who keep giving thumbs up to every post that’s published on the same sites over and over again. It’s not meant to be used by yourself to promote your own site(s) either. All activity on the site and by use of the toolbar is tracked very closely.

    Technically you can stumble your own posts from time to time but not frequently. If you start up doing this frequently you will risk being either ghost banned or actually banned. Likewise if you tend to stumble posts on the same sites repeatedly.

    Please see here for a relevant link >


    I used their promotional tool and when I’d received a couple hundred ‘likes’ I stopped. Everything went fine for a while, then the blackout hit, and traffic sunk.



    justjennifer is correct. This is not a issue you need to sort it out elsewhere.

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