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    Recently I noticed that the drop down menu ‘My Blog’ at the top of the site has changed. It no longer has all the options available it previously had. The only option available is ‘Register A New Blog’. Previously it had items like ‘new post’ – etc. Is there something I’m missing or is this a global site change?

    The blog I need help with is mcspellman.wordpress.com.


    Does it list your blog on the “my blog” menu? I’m not sure on accounts with only one blog, but if you have multiple, when you hover on the blog names in my blog, a dropdown comes out with new post and several other items on it.



    No. It used to, but sometime in the past week it quit giving me all the options under ‘my blog’. When I hover over ‘My Blog’ now the only option is ‘register a new blog’. Strange!



    I believe that Staff may be preparing to intoduce what you have described which is what we have available on wordpress.ORG blogs by using a navigation bar plugin (viperbond?) . I’m thinking they are probably testing it on some blogs first and that’s why the links may be coming and going. However, that is merely speculation on my part. Until Staff respond we eill not know whay this is happening.

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