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My blog modification suggestions

  1. I modified the theme of my blog using the widgets and the posts and pages look:

    Suggestions? Thanks :)

  2. Hi?

  3. It looks like Vista which I guess was your intention.
    I have some problem understanding the navigation (I don't mean in the language) What is supposed to happen on the page? It gives a list of projects. Is it a directory to your blogs and projects? The side widgets don't seem clickable. Are they supposed to lead somewhere? (I am using FireFox 3 browser so maybe they are browser specific?)

    The task bar on the bottom has a button called Principal but it doesn't go anywhere.
    When making an interface, each element should have some purpose unless its only a decoration. I think you have to decide are these buttons, icons and widgets for a purpose or part of design only. It is confusing from that point.

    The things you do here are interesting ideas. I like that you can get a photo background and you've really extended the possibilities of what can be done in a WordPress blog.
    I will check again as you work on this to see what else you do.

  4. Thanks. :) The blog is very very very BETA :), yeah is a directory of my projects ;), and the taskbar clicable example go to "Contato" the word "Contato" in taskbar

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