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    When I comment on other people’s blogs, and I go back and click on the NAME of my blog, it takes me to a page that says “the authors of this blog have taken it down”. Which I haven’t. When I click on my gravatar tho, it works.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your username is currently linked your primary blog. Clicking yoour blog title does not produce a 4040 (page not found) for me.


    It doesn’t? Ok. Maybe it was a a weird glitch:) thank you!


    Nope. It doesn’t work. My username is carrpartyoffive. When i commented on, for instance, this blog

    You can scroll down and see Carr Party of Five commented (me). and the page that comes up is…that my blog has been taken down.



    When you chnage the primary blog you username is linked to that chnage is not retroactive. All the comments you made when your username was linked to the other blog which has been deleted are still linked to that deleted blog and you cannot do anything to change that. Only those who approved the comments can edit and chnage the blog linked to the comments now.

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