My blog only show one post at a time.

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    I just started my blog. I created a static page and two posts, but when I view the blog, all I see is one page at a time. What am I not doing that I need to do?



    Please post the url (link) for your blog so we can see it and help you. Okay I found it here

    Blogs have only one page that automatically update with each new post you make. Posts and Pages are different.

    In order to access the pages in your blog in the theme you have chosen you must place your Pages widget in your sidebar -> Presentation -> Widgets
    Scroll down and find the Pages widget in the “Available Widgets” box. Drag and drop it into the “Sidebar” box. Click “Save Changes”. Now the pages widget will appear in your sidebar with links to the two pages you created.

    Next you can set how many published posts appear on your front page. -> Options -> Reading
    Scroll down to:
    Blog Pages
    Show at most: ___posts
    Insert the number of posts you desire to appear on your front page and then click “Update Options”.



    Thank you for your help, timethief. It worked and my pages are showing in my sidebar. I appreciate the prompt reply. ~smallgrpblogger



    YAY! I’m glad to hear that you resolved this. Happy blogging. :)

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