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My blog page disappeared!

  1. music4munchkins

    The BLOG page on my account has suddenly disappeared! I wrote a new post tonight, went to the site to view it...and whammo, the page itself is no longer on the menu! I can still access the post itself if I type in the url...but that's not very helpful! I can't figure out how to get it back!
    Blog url:

  2. You created a static front page "Home" but you did not create a page for your posts to appear on. Now you need to create a new page for your posts to display on. Example: "Blog" and then you designate that page to display your posts > Settings > Reading

  3. music4munchkins

    Thank you very much. Everything was fine this morning...I had a blog page for my was all there! I posted tonight...and gone! Appreciate your help, all is well :)

  4. You do have a blog page here >
    In fact the 3 indicates you have created it 3 times. I prefer not to set a static page. My readers come to read my new posts and don't want to click through a static page to find them.

  5. music4munchkins

    Why would it just disappear like that? I had to recreate it tonight twice before it stuck...??
    I have the static page because I am a small business and my blogging is secondary to the information that I hope people come to see. The blogging brings people to the site, which ultimately is to help drive my business :) Not sure how well that's working for me!!

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