My Blog Post Tags Don’t Appear in Technorati

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    I’m wondering, I include four standard tags for every single entry that I write (i.e., virtual school, cyber school, high school, education). I also add in other topic specific tags.

    My blog is registered on Technorati, I have claimed it and it appears to be updating it on Technorati.

    However, when I search based on my tags in Technorati none of my entries come up since I have started using the WordPress system. All of my entries from my old Blogger account, when I would embed the in the actual post are there, but none of my WordPress ones where I just use the Tag and Category boxes beneath the actual entry box.

    Is there something that I haven’t toggled or should I simply start adding the back into the actual entries again?

    Thanks in advance



    Technorati works sometimes and not other times. If you search the forums, you’ll see the problems folks have had with it. Blogs hosted at wordpress.COM (and I’m not sure that yours is, since you didn’t provide a link to your blog) ping Technorati automatically.



    Sorry, my blog is

    I note that WordPress hasn’t pinged any of my tags to Technorati in more than 280 days.



    You can try doing a manual ping from the Technorati page.

    And consider linking your blog to your user name as explained here


    Member is supposed to ping via Pingomatic every post, and sometimes Pingomatic has issues but usually when there’s a failure like that, it’s Technorati’s problem. Technorati is notoriously failure-prone. I haven’t had a referral from a Technorati tag in over a year.

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