My blog posts, although published, do not appear on WP!

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    Hello, unfortunately my blog posts do not appear at WP. I have put all the tags and when I search my posts clickein the tags clouds or writing tags inside the search field, noone appears. I have first published on february 17, and then 2 days ago, and then today, but nothing happens. My pages have not been visited from wp that confirms that something is not working. Please help, my book launch was miserable due to this technical problem! thanks in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    You’re asking on the wrong forum, your blog is self-hosted. Please ask here:

    Also read this to understand the difference between and


    Thank you very much absurdoldbird, but I first asked at *.org and they told me I hade to ask at *.com, for the same reason as you told me.

    I really would like to know where do my posts are to be seen! I have my own web site which is build by using the dashboard.

    It would be really helpful for me to know exactly whom I have to ask for help, because I have been working hard at my blog posts and technical issues to support the launch of my book for a week, and the launch failed miserably, because no-one can read my posts!


    First, if you scroll down to the bottom of your home page, you’ll see this: “Proudly powered by WordPress”. That is on all self-hosted blogs which use the software, and it does not appear on ones hosted by If you click that phrase at the bottom of your blog, you will find that it takes you to Try it.

    Next, I can see your home page when I go to the URL (web address) you gave.

    I still say you need to ask at – it’s possible that an inexperienced volunteer responded to you, it happens.

    However, in case I am wrong (that happens too, despite my having been a volunteer on these forums for several years), I shall flag this for staff to look at and they will tell you whether you need their assistance here or over on the forums.


    Dear absurdoldbird,

    first of all thank you very much for taking the time to address my problems. :-)

    1. This is the link to the topic I opened on *org:

    2. When I click on my avatar and look for my notification, I land on!/notifications/ and I find my notifications there.

    I have accessed *com when I installed wordpress the first time, since it was included my hosting offer. So, it would be nice if someone would assist me in order to make blog/book/job start. Unfortunately, I couldnĀ“t test all this before, because the site is all about my authorship of this book and it only opened the day the book was published!

    Thank you again for what you can do to forward my issue to the competent people.




    WordPress.ORG install blogs (yours) never have their Tags etc. show up here at WordPress.COM – to have Tags and Categories indexed in the WordPress.COM system you need to Post on a WordPress.COM blog (the blog can be mapped to a custom domain name (the way my site is) ) – is a WordPress.ORG install on Blue Host – the dashboards etc. look almost the same




    For more on the difference:


    Hello auxclass,

    thank you very much for your answer.

    Can I ask you “how should I made be mapped as custom domain name?”.

    Thank you so much!


    @rossanacondoleo I had a look at your support question over on and, as I thought, the volunteer there wrongly assumed you were on There is nothing in your original question or any of your subsequent responses there to indicate that you’re blogging here at

    Also, you have a profile there, you might like to see. Please click this link:

    I think that you need to open a new topic in this forum:

    But for now I will let the modlook tag here (for Staff attention) stand and, maybe in the meantime @auxclass can explain things to you better than I can. (hi, auxclass, thanks.)



    Help for traffic: – lots of hints here

    This is how to map an existing domain name to a blog here – it does not address moving the content from your existing blog to here or making the site look like you want – however having a site here does make things easier – the rules are different here (you can’t sell your own ads on the site for instance) (but you wrote your own book so promoting it is OK – but you need to be a bit careful with links to buy it ) – WordPress.COM does run a few ads to pay for the “free” blog here – I have the No Ads Upgrade on my site linked to my name to keep the ads off – since you are an Author with your own book the No Ads would be a good idea –

    But this should give you a bit to think about


    @auxclass, awsome what you made for me! Thank you very much.

    I will be looking at all the information you gave and make the appropriate actions. I had a look at your blog/web site, it is full with content and fresh. My compliments :-)

    I wish you a nice evening!

    Thanks and regards



    @absurdoldbird, hello and sorry… I did notice your answer only now! THANK YOU for going to the roots and visiting the other forum. I am going to read carefully what you say and combine with the sea-wolf wuggestions. I am lucky to have had you at my side. :-)

    Have a nice evening!




    You be welcome & good luck

    Thanks – glad you liked my site


    @auxclass my pleasure ;-)


    You’re welcome. I hope it all works out.

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