My blog posts showing up in wrong categories

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    I’m VERY confused about this whole category thing. I have a blog sample (as a post) listed in my portfolio (my WP blog) with the following specified categories:

    Non Profits – Christian Ministries (CM),
    Web – Editorial

    blog, female soldiers, female vets, Hope for the Heroes, PTSD, subs

    AND YET … when you click on the main category of Advertising/Marketing this blog entry WHICH IS NOT under this category, (nor did I designate it to be) shows up the Advertising Marketing archives!

    Here is the URL of Marketing/Advertising Archive:
    Here is the title of the blog I’m referring to:

    Blog: Hope for the Heroes: Title: Win Some. Lose Some. Female soldiers can now serve on subs … but back home women vets are sinking fast

    Below, you can see my hierarchy of categories for Marketing/Advertising, so why did an Editorial blog entry show up here!

    CATEGORY: Marketing/Advertising


    – Brochures/Collaterals
    – Direct (DM/DR)
    – Direct Mail
    – Direct Response
    – Web – Advertorial

    Tags: blog, female soldiers, female vets, Hope for the Heroes, PTSD, subs

    THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! I simply cannot figure out why this (and other posts) are showing up in the wrong categories.

    The blog I need help with is



    P.S. Look at my Portfolio Site Map: Advertising and Marketing. Only 6 out of 11 actually belong there.

    And if you look at my navigation bar on the right (Portfolio Menu) of my blog, you will NOT see blogs listed under Advertising and Marketing. Just can’t figure this out!



    Okay, after all THAT … I fixed it. Sorry!

    What I found out late in the game and keep forgetting is that the CATEGORIES section (where we create the actual categories and list Parents, etc.) HAS to match the Custom Menu.

    Often I will change a name, pick a new one on the left, or delete entirely a category in the Custom Menu but then completely forget to GO BACK to the place where I actually created the Categories in the first place and make sure it all matches up.

    Now, because I made so many changes to all over the place I need to back to each individual post and make sure that I’ve selected all the right categories and tags I want for each post!

    By the way, can you tell me if the Search Box widget searches BOTH categories and tags or does it just search ANY word in the portfolio that might match that key word?
    (Guess I should try it and find out!)



    The search box widget searches through all post and page content.

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