My Blog Reader is not working

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    My Blog Reader that I use to follow the latest posts of blogs that I’m subscribed to is no longer working. Please correct. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    Mine isn’t either. I can read on my phone, but not from a stationary/full-size computer or laptop. frustrating. The only link from the homepage that works is the one to my stats. all the other tabs SAY they’re loaded, but nothing happens. again, frustrating.



    I am having this trouble also. When I try to load my “Reader” all I get is “[object XMLDocument] ” in very small print. I tried upgrading my Firefox to fix this, but it did not work. I was running Firefox 11; I am now using 12 on a Windows 7 laptop.

    Strangely, I can access reader intermittently (but only intermittently) from other computers.



    There are dozens and dozens of posts about this in the forum over the past two days.



    I know: I found them once I’d mined out all the ways in which I thought it might be my fault. I’ve actually been having this issue for around 10 days. I figure throwing my name on the list will give them more data to work with.



    Mine doesn’t work either. It seems to be permanently stuck on “Recommendations”. But I cannot get to “Blogs I Follow”.

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