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My blog says page not found when viewed through google?

  1. Hi my blog is fine when viewed normally, but not through google. Why?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. google search sorry

  3. By looking at a couple of cached versions of your posts on Google, It looks like you have changed themes, and I wonder if you edited the dates on them?

    If so, then you need to realize that dates are part of the link to each post and if you alter the date on a post, then the link will change.

  4. No its not that. It was like that before I changed themes.‎

    is the link. It appears number 4 in google

  5. Yes, that doesn't explain why this Google entry returns a 404 not found:

    kebbysankara | kebbysankara‎
    Read all of the posts by kebbysankara on kebbysankara.

    (again the cached version is wearing yet another theme—not that changing themes should not cause a problem)

    I can't explain that one. Let's hope another volunteer, or staff, will have some insight. (the modlook tag will alert staff, so if you subscribe to this topic you'll be notified of responses)

  6. I have a strong feeling it's something to do with someone manipulating SEO....

    (I know you are reading this, it was on there for 20 seconds man)

  7. it looks like you have two different Authors, did you change author names or user names? - not found - found

  8. I set up kebsankara, but didn't touch the kebby one

  9. basically I hit reblog instead of follow on someone elses blog, I immediately removed the reblog... This showed up on page what ever of googles ommitted results. I think someone has reported it as abusive or something like that. Or someone is manipulating SEO.

  10. Somehow Google has picked up that the author kebbysankara/ is on your blog and the spelling is close enough to kebsankara/ that both are being displayed in search results

    Not sure what advice to give as we can't do page level redirects here

  11. It is my blog.... Does that mean its been hacked or something?

  12. can you just shut down the kebby one and keep the other?

  13. The issue is that kebby is in the search engines - search engines can take 3 or 4 months to update their cache, so it takes some time for an entry to drop off the results

    You could have one Post with the kebby author and a note to click on the link to go to the correct author - then have a link to the other author name - that would get rid of the not found error

  14. I only need one blog, I set up the keb one to replace the kebby one....

    So would it be possible to close the kebby one, and keep the keb one, and unpublish this conversation?

  15. actually keep the kebby one, just un publish this conversation please.

  16. and work out why its not working...

  17. I doubt your site has been "hacked" the only "hacked" sites I have seen here in 4 years have been when someone got a password

    these threads are forever unless there is a life / safety issue - personal info such as phone numbers and such will be removed

    I will flag this for the staff - they can look at the history of the authors on your site and probably give the reason the extra author is showing up - I can't see any of your blog history

  18. is that normal being unable to view blog history?

    I'd really like this thread un published

  19. You can look at your Posts and Pages - go to the Pages / Posts section of your Dashboard - look at the Posts and Pages - should show who wrote them

  20. ah I see - thanks.

  21. Yes, it's being manipulated. I want my blog to stop showing up in google please

  22. Hi bigdonaldduck,

    It looks like you have had two recent username changes. As auxclass has already explained, search engines index content periodically but their records have not caught up with your username changes. Nothing has been hacked or manipulated.

    If you don't want your blog showing up in search engine results, you can modify your site visibility settings:

  23. Hi can you please check whats going on with the search engines. It doesn't show up in any others, but only google. I've had 250 views this week. If you look at my stats most yesterday..... has appeared at number 7 in google and its a unknown or deleted page, that wasn't there before.

    Web cache content has been accessed.

    no one is interested in my blog to view it that many times. So can you have a look please?

  24. Hi bigdonald,

    We at have no access to, or influence over, what search engines choose to index or not.

    You can add Webmaster tools to your site, but that's about as much as we can offer on our end.

  25. Nice one, its all sorted now.

  26. Although it still says I reblogged the shrink4men blog even though I removed it

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