my blog seems to be messed up

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    There seems to be many problems in my blog… (note that I’ve made 3 posts successfully without problems but this 4th one is giving me hell)

    1. Word count doesnt count
    2. Click on “Add Category” doesn’t respond
    3. Typing in a tag in the “add tag” field and clickin on Add doesn’t respond
    4. adding a link via visual or html mode isn’t successfuly
    via visual mode, when I click on Update, it erases everything I’ve written OR brings me back to the “All Posts” screen

    5. i’ve noticed that there’s a new line below the text field (where you write your post) that says “recommended links” – is this new?

    The blog I need help with is



    first problem solving tip for 1 through 4

    log out of, Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies.
    Log back in.

    hope that helps.



    thanks for the reply but unfortunately, the buttons still do NOT respond after clearing browsing history, cache and cookies from both IE and Google chrome. :(

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