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My blog side bar has fallen down, help Pls!!!

  1. Hi, I'm using Albeo theme and it seems my side bar (that contains the recend posts, catogories ect) has gone down.
    I am totally new to this and dont know what setting to do inorder to raise it up to the same level.hope this is clear.
    if you can have a look anyhelp would be appreciated

  2. Hi, I'm back again. thought the answer was obvious in the faq, maybe I had put a too latger picture but deleted my recent posts and still the side bar is at the bottom of my posts. can anyone shed a light on how I can get this resolved.

  3. Your posts are ok. I switched my tests blog to Albeo and immediately got the same problem. Your sidebar (and mine) is in place when you view the main posts page or a category page, but when you view a single full post or an individual page it drops right below the end of the page. It's probably a bug, possibly related to this recent symptom:

    You should contact Support.

    On another issue: At the moment you have no main posts page. Is that intentional? And you've got a redundancy with "Home" and "Summary" (because you've set the latter as your front): you should assign another page as parent to "Summary", so that it won't show in the header.

  4. I have the same problem -
    I was observed 1 thing. When below post we have min one comment side bar has not gone down.

    I hope support team fix this problem.

    PS: Sorry for my poor english, I'm from Poland. ;)

  5. Thank you for the help #panaghiotisadam,
    I read some of the QnA and thinking it was a problem with a picture and even deleted the last 3 posts today, but still the side bar is down and it was all ok yesturday as far as I could see and I had bigger pictures then those i posted today.

    yes I do want the summary page to be my front page, how can I do this if you know. I tried to make 'Home' page as the parent of summary but did not find 'Home' in the drop down box of 'assign parent pages'

  6. #axunarts, in your blog I see that your Home page and posts have side bar but sidebar is not on any other page.

    in my case i don't have the side bar in any page or any of my posts even.
    And if I put a static page ie 'sammary' as my home page then even hoem page has no sidebar but if i let recent coments appear in Home page then the home page is the only one with the side bar at top

  7. @sparklle: "Home" is not a page you'll find under Pages>Edit. It's a built-in navigation tab designed to take you back to the front of your blog. You make "Summary" a child to ANY other page you have created. (But I see now that you sorted this out.)

  8. @panaghiotisadam, yes I figured out what you ment. now my summary is not appearing and it looks much better, thanks to you.
    hope they sort out the side bar glitch soon.

  9. Note that staff don't necessarily read forum threads. Did you notify via the Support link?

  10. yes I have contacted support.

  11. I deleted i contain of a contact page and have a some problem. Doesn't problem in HTML code :(

  12. Thank you for posting this one Sparklle. Lucky for me the FAQ link you posted helped me - I had made a graph too wide. I hope everyone else's problems are resolved soon.

  13. I see all is right now. Thanks WordPress :)

  14. The Albeo theme should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  15. Thank you WordPress,

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