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My blog stats are stuck...not registering or working???

  1. owossoharpist2015

    My Bulletproof Harpist blog stats are stuck at one since its reset at 8:00pm EST.
    My other blog, the dinosaur blog seems to be going along fine. Otherwise the stat is stuck on only 53.

  2. my blog stats we're going up- 8, 8, 18- and now suddenly, for two days, nothing. Also, one time I checked and they timed out. It doesn't seem right.

  3. my blog stats we're going up- 8, 8, 18- and now suddenly, for two days, nothing. Also, one time I checked and they timed out. It doesn't seem right.

  4. Support is closed except for urgent matters on weekends. If the problem persists send a feedback in on Monday. Also do you have a third party stat counter that you can use for comparison purposes?

  5. No, I don't have that; where would one get a third party stat counter?

  6. you can try sitemeter, globetrackr, clustrmap, geovisite, mapvisitors etc... just some of the statcounters i know off my head.

  7. I just found the answer- yours- on another forum. The sidebar blogstats is simply total hits. But I will check for divergences. Thanks.

  8. You're welcome. The free third party statcounters links for stat counters in html that can be used on blogs (activemeter, shinystats, sitemeter, statscounter) are listed at this link
    Re: stats - This is also an interesting read

  9. Thanks, again. But I'm puzzled as how to copy and paste these 3rd party counters onto my blog. I set up accounts. Do I edit each page, pasting their code on the bottom? Is that it? I didn't grow up with computers, thats why I'm so thick in my usage of them.

  10. No, you just go to Presentation -- > Sidebar widgets and get a blank text widget. You can have up to nine. Then you paste the code into the widget. Then it will be in your sidebar on each page. Make sure that if they give you more than one kind of code to choose from you pick the HTML only, or the " version". Other versions often have embeds that won't work here.

  11. Thanks, raincoaster. That was a user friendly process which I accomplished. But as to 3rd party counters- shinystat & statcounter- (which timethief recommended) there's really nowhere to paste their instructions on the blog page- except by posting it on each and every blog. I tried something with the blogroll but it didn't seem to work. Also, with statcounter, one of their pages said "6 month free trial" and I wondered what I was getting into- so I erased all my info with them but stopped short on "deleting project"- wasn't sure what that would do. Shinystat seems to involve a big emblem which I don't want on my blog. There's probably a way, but I'm not seeing it.

  12. I use sitemeter on one of my blogs and in their case they do have html instructions specifically for bloggers. We enter the code they provide into our blogroll.

    In the case of the other third party providers, I believe that you get the code from the provider and place it into a text widget which is displayed in your sidebar. There are instructions for these in the FAQs

    Hopefully these may also be helpful
    understanding your Blogroll, Links widget and Categories
    understanding widgets and how to set them up
    insert an image in a text widget

  13. Thanks. I'm also getting a few hits again. The pattern was odd, but I jumped to conclusions. Those sites, though, seem to offer more; at some point I will investigate the helpful sites you provided.

  14. You're welcome. :)

  15. I guess there is some error with the counter ...
    check this

    "Blog Stats

    Total Views: 35

    Best Day Ever: 6

    Views today: 37"

    doesnt make sense at all ..

  16. Volunteers do not have back end access to blogs. Please use this to report your problem to staff

  17. Does anyone know what's happening??

    Blogstats has been down for weeks, and "Support" claims to have been "Closed" all week. I also can't see where I've commented.


  18. None of the volunteers have any information as to what is going on. I'm afraid that we know nothing more than what other bloggers know.

  19. Thanks.


  20. My blogstats are stuck again..... I know there are hits, since I've seen incoming links on other sites. But they're stuck on zero.

    Does anyone know of a third party hit counter that only shows up behind the scenes?

  21. thistimethisspace

    The available choices of stat counters and links to them are found here

  22. Thank you. I'll use them as a backup.

    The stats are back for now, though yesterdys hits are gone. That particular blog seems to be weird. The others work OK.

  23. @trollfighter
    You're welcome.

    For future reference all problems with stats must be reported to staff as they are the only folks who can remedy them.

  24. I wanted to say... my stats haven't been recording for about a week now. I understand that some may think, the numbers a low. I get this, as I am new... but I'm also using a separate stat reader and its showing activity. My BlogStats shows nothing. My bf said his is working fine and when he checked mine, they were fine, but when I go to my stat page its 0's all the way... what's going on?

  25. You need to ask staff that question. They're the only ones with the access who can tell you for sure what's going on. Contact them during their office hours using the Support button on your dashboard.

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