My blog stats have plummeted since buying my domain name

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    Is this to be expected? Is there something I should be doing?

    I bought the domain name (with two weeks ago and now my Google hits are less than half what they were.

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s normal, actually. I was heartsick when it happened to me, but keep blogging, maybe a little more than normal, and it will come back in about four months. The long-term benefits make it worthwhile, and I wouldn’t say it if it weren’\t true.


    Four months! Oh well, I knew I should have done it months ago. I kept putting it off for fear of this very reason!

    Thanks …. I’ll hang in there. I trust you!


    It’s almost like starting all over again.

    After you move to a new house, how long does it take for all of your mail and everything else to catch up with your new address?


    Thanks notawoodpecker. I guess I thought with the automatic redirects it would not be so dramatic but clearly Google’s algorithms work in my complex ways than I realised.

    I really should have done it a year or so ago!!



    Like raincoaster I was heartsick too but 3 months later I was wearing a big smile as all my blog’s authority and pagerank were the same as they had been before.


    Three months! This is getting better. Any advance on that!!

    Thanks time thief … it’s good to have several of you verify it. Silly how distressing it can be, isn’t it?!

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