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My blog still displays my old blog name even though I've deleted it

  1. femaleblackpacker

    How do I change the label of my blog to match my username, display name and every other name of my blog without having to delete the blog and starting again? The issue is, when I click on the female icon, it expands and correctly displays my blog name but the bottom link (which has the options for the actual link such as dashboard, post, etc) still displays my old blog name which I have already deleted. How do I change the name for the shortcut options for the dashboard, etc to reflect the correct blog name?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The "Label" of your blog? What is that? The "female icon?" I am not following you.

    What name do you want everything to display? What name is it displaying now?

  3. femaleblackpacker

    It's in the right-hand side of the website where your display name is shown. It's literally the last tabs which is displaying the wrong name and I can't seem to remove it.



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