My blog subject not found on google unless I specify my blog name

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    There is a visibility issue with my blog publications which cannot be seen the search engine like google unless I also add my blog name at the end my search words. I would prefer to find my blog topic rather than my blog name. Can anyone advise?

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ve made three posts in a year. There are thousands of tips in the forum already, but there’s no point telling you any of them until you start posting at least once a week. That’s the biggest thing. If you want search engines to think you’re important, you have to be important, and that means posting lots of information.



    raincoaster: your reply is appreciated, but you are keeping us chasing our own tails.
    A lot of what fills blogs has to key off feedback posts etc (that’s how you find the target audience for new material, and edit your tags).,Burt you won’t lure any such feedback unless/until you are radar-visible by volume. Even if you get lots of hits, you don’t find out what to add to bulk up: if you randomize in search of bulk your blog loses focus.

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