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My blog suddenly got super-sized

  1. I was merrily posting away when suddenly my blog got bigger. Things are running off the page. The blog still looks o.k. on my wife's computer, but not on mine. Don't know if I hit a button or something, but I sure can't find how to fix it. When I do a new post it's partially hidden by the goodies on the right side, i.e. Publish, Post Tags, Categories, etc. And when I bring up my blog my sidebar (right side) is completely hidden until I scroll over there.

    Thanks for anyone's help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. OOPS! You forgot to provide the URL for the blog in question starting with http://

  3. Sorry, First question and I thought it would automatically appear.

    It's at

  4. I am viewing your blog using a Firefox 3.5.7 brwser and it look "normal" to me. Please try these techniques and then let us know what happened and which browser and version of it your are using.

  5. Sounds like you zoomed in.
    Try pressing CTRL + 0 while on the page.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I can't believe it was that simple. What did I accidentally hit to zoom in?

  7. It's usually CTRL and the + or - button.

  8. Thanks again for your help.

  9. Or Ctrl + scroll wheel on your mouse. That happens to me occasionally and FF remembers what site you've zoomed on for next time. :p

    @carlostn1-since these are technical forums (with the exception of the Off Topic forum), please refrain from commenting unless you actually have something concrete to add to the discussion. [Post referred to has been deleted - Mark]

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