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My blog suddenly just shifted to the left a few minutes after signing in

  1. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    My blog suddenly tried to slide off the screen to the left and pictures have the dreaded red X. Also there is a new blue "load more posts" that wasn't there before. I show 7 posts on a page. It is a mess! Nav bar is all wonky too. Dashboard is fine, aligned correctly. Please help. I was not doing anything but reading notifications.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    Could someone at least acknowledge this issue. My blog is a mess and I believe it started with the button that was added that says 'Load more posts".I can't navigate around my blog. I have to go to another blog and use the nav bar just to get here to the forums. I have a post for tomorrow and my blog page is all wonky! I would just be appreciative if someone would help!

  3. I can't navigate around my blog. I have to go to another blog and use the nav bar just to get here to the forums.

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  4. The "load more posts" is a result of using the widget workaround for diabling "infinite scroll" on your blog.
    Can you be more descriptive please so we know what you mean by this?

    Nav bar is all wonky too. ...I can't navigate around my blog. I have to go to another blog and use the nav bar just to get here to the forums.

    Can you post screenshots in your Media Library so Staff can view them?

  5. seems to be fine to me now.

    Were you able to resolve the issue?

  6. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    I was using the Lite color when this happened yesterday and I finally went into Appearance in frustration and changed to the dark grunge and that corrected the problem but I prefer the light. It is what I had when this all happened. The light white color it is still all wonky. So I would say It isn't resolved. I cleared my cache and cookies and did the force refresh. It is like I have a frozen screen and then when I changed to dark grunge it was a brand new screen which I guess it is. I don't know how to get the white theme color back.

  7. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    Timethief can I be more descriptive? I can try. The content, both text and pictures have shifted to the left. The nav bar at the top has nothing for me to click on but "new post", a bar graph for views, the avatar of my feet and "follow" printed out. Also a search icon is present. There is nothing in the nav bar that facilitates my ability to get to my dashboard. I tried to do a screenshot per instructions in support but I was not able to make it happen. Sorry. But the white version of my them which I was using is up now and it should not be a problem to see if you click on my blog name. Thank you for trying to help!

  8. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    Timethief I have taken a screenshot and it is in my media library. I am going back to the dark grunge color for my theme until this issue is resolved. I would like to use the white version. Would it be possible to fix the white version by deleting it at the WordPress end and then reloading it since the grunge option works fine. I am not a computer whiz by a long shot so I am befuddled! Seems to me the glitch is at the WordPress end? It looks fine in Firefox and Chrome!

  9. Your blog is using the light theme and is perfectly centered. Were you able to resolve it now?

  10. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    I am seeing that it is perfectly centered and looks very nice! I am assuming someone from the Theme Team resolved it as I received an email from a Support Happiness Engineer that stated he/she was contacting the Theme Team. The "load more posts" button is gone on both color options and "older entries"/"newer entries" is back at the bottom of the page. I didn't resolve it, I didn't know where to start. I am thinking it was WordPress that took care of it and I am very thankful to the Happiness Engineers or the Theme Team. Thank you very much. It was frustrating, I just wanted to get back to blogging happily at WordPress! I gotta tell you I think it was that blue button to load more posts... : )

  11. @sweetdaysundertheoaks
    That's great news. I looked at your blog and it looks fine now. Happy blogging! :)

  12. sweetdaysundertheoaks

    Thank you so much Timethief! I learned how to do a screenshot as a result of this and that is a good thing... :)

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