My blog template is all messed up

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    My sidebar began to act up, so I reduced the images inside of it. Then bullets began to appear next to the titles of each text box. Now my pages are messed up, with the sidebar taking over the entire space at the bottom.

    This is awful, as my blog is used by schools and libraries for reference. Can anyone help me? Do you think the images on the top post are too large? The problem did not occur until a day after that post was published.

    The blog I need help with is



    Your site and sidebar looks OK to me. Firefox 3.current.

    Have you had a friend or coworker look at your site?

    Have you tried logging out, and clearing the cookies and browser cache? That seems to help many times.


    @auxclass: In Safari some of the widgets are showing up below the post column. In Firefox that isn’t happening, but still the bullets shouldn’t be there.

    @janeaustensworld: Such problems are usually due to bad HTML in one or more posts. Clicking on each post title to view each single complete post allows you to find the culprit(s). But in your case the problem remains no matter what the post. Then you know that it’s probably bad HTML in one or more text widgets. Open your “Talk Like Jane Austen” widget and click Save after deleting this:

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