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My blog the only of its kind? on wordpress.

  1. Please tell check out my blog. and if you have any suggestions please let me know . I thank you for any comments :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The images you have uploaded are too large too the blogging space in the theme you are using and are "breaking" the theme's layout. Please see this post to correct that problem

  3. So whats the only-kind deal? I got bored after seeing the 3rd same picture in the first post. Think from a readers perspective, and create post people want to read (not to mention visually appealing).

  4. @blazershane
    After you fix the broken layout by reducing the size of the image, if you wish to learn how to promote your blog effectively perhaps this post will be helpful Mastering Shameless Blog Promotion

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  5. Thanks for all your help timetheif !!!

  6. @blazershane
    You're welcome> Happy blogging. :)

  7. I agree with starsquid. Your blog lacks quality photos and the layout forces it to drag on. Good luck though!

  8. Don't be afraid to tell us more about what type of fish you were after, what you actually caught, how long it took, your tackle & bait, etc. Tell the story. Anyone who fishes will be interested to know.

  9. I wanted to like your blog but found that many of the photos were
    very repetitious. Maybe if they look too much the same then some
    serious weeding needs to be done. That will make your blog more
    readable and keep your reader's interest.
    I agree with blisterina too (Hi blisterina!) more background
    information would be nice, I'm not into this subject but hey, I'm
    always keen to learn something :)
    Success !

  10. I thank you all for your comments and suggestions.

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