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My Blog Title Doesn't Show Up On Feed

  1. Hi there!

    My feed works but the title of my blog doesn't appear on the homepages.

    Can you please tell me how to fix this?

    Thank you!


  2. Try refreshing the cashe. I changed my blog title, but the bookmark I set before that didn't change. I deleted the bookmark, cleared the cashe, re-bookmarked.....and it's fine. Different issue to what you're having, but try that may work.

  3. Hi dirkgently,

    Thank you for your response! ;)

    I'm new to WordPress and just started my blog last Thursday! There is so much to learn but I really like WordPress, thus far.

    I tried your suggestion, however, it didn't work!

    Any other suggestions?


  4. Hi,

    go to Dashboard --> Options --> General

    What does it day in the 'Weblog title:' field?

  5. I was just looking there, comparing my blog page to yours. Yours maybe empty.....if so, that's where your title should go, then UPDATE.

  6. Thanks guys! ;)

    It was empty and I put my blog title in that space. However, it changed my header but it didn't change the feed! Errr...

    So, I deleted it! Still not working! ;(

  7. Try removing your feed from your reader, then re-adding the bookmark analogy, it is after all a kinda live bookmark. Bookmarks tend to show updated content, they forget about little things like titles, since they assume that never changes. When you re-add it, it will scan for the title section and apply the new change.

  8. I will try that...

  9. We tried that and it didn't work! ;(

    Any more suggestions?

  10. I've just added it to my feedreader and it displays the name just fine. Which feed reader are you using? If the application isn't web based, maybe remove the feed, close it and re open it?

    Oh and nice to see that I'm not the only one using coloured RSS feed buttons. ;)

  11. I could jump in here and offer an affiliate coded link to FeedReader but I won't. I'd be kind hypocritical of me after waxing on a blog closed for being commercial and breaking the TOS. lolololol Maybe it was just the order I looked at the forum questions that made me think that....anyway, FeedReader is a good and free RSS reader if you're thinking of a change. Google it for the URL, I'm not posting the link lolololol.

  12. We will try these suggestions. ;)

    Thank you for your help guys and we may be back later!


    p.s. I like the colored button options too! :)

  13. It works now!!

    Thanks guys for your help and hope to see you on my blog! ;)

  14. Thanks again! ;)

  15. Another happy camper

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