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My blog title never displays in the new post feed.

  1. I notice my blog title never shows when my new post appears in people's blog feeds and such. Only the post title and then "Untitled" shows where my blog name should be. Can you help me figure out why this is? I use a graphic for my masthead but can't figure out what that might have to do with it. Thanks so much!
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  2. Do you notice any difference if you choose "Display Text" at Appearance -> Header in your blog's Dashboard?

  3. Thanks! Yes, I didn't have the blog title entered when I created my blog back in July because it did display over my masthead (I hadn't unchecked the display text box). I just now entered my blog title on the set-up page and unchecked the display text so it doesn't appear over my masthead. The blog title still doesn't show in my currrent blog feed but perhaps with my next post it will. Thanks for the help.

  4. Good, that should solve it. Please let us know if it doesn't work with the next post!

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