My blog us "uncategorized". I don't know why, or how to change that.

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    I am not very tech savvy and I think I may have done something wrong when starting. I picked a “theme” that I thought would allow me to have a simple blog with a few images. Now, I can’t seem to incorporate any images. Finding my site (for others) seems to be hard and I’ve had to provide the URL to help. When I go the WordPress page and search “Tales from the Motherland” (the title of my blog) there is nothing found for the search. My blog is currently listed as “uncategorized” and I am wondering if that has to do with my problems, but I can’t seem to change that. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages, but posting new blogs seems to be the only part I’m finding easy. I just can’t seem to figure out how to fix my site or how to change anything there. ie: I think maybe I need to change my theme, but haven’t been able to do so. Right now, I feel pretty lost.
    Blog url:


    Your blog posts are in the ‘Uncategorized’ category because that is the default category set for each post. You can change this by going to the Settings > Writing section from your blog’s Dashboard and choosing the Default Post Category.

    You can easily browse, preview, and change themes by following the instructions in our theme documentation.

    If you are just getting started on, I highly recommend you check out


    thanks Matt… I’m feeling a bit hopeless right now. I THINK I fixed the category thing for now, BUT I don’t think I really know what it even means, let alone why I’m doing it. As I said, but should have said more clearly (according to my kids, this is a serious thing): I have virtually NO tech skills. Several people told me to use wordpress, as I’ve wanted to start a blog (to do more writing) for ages… but I seem to be LOST. I’m finding all of it very hard. Thought I picked a good “theme” for what I want, but now cant make headers work, etc. When I tell my friends the name of the blog and that it’s at wordpress, no one can find it??? Not sure why. Not sure if anyone can actually see my blog, or how they’d find it (stumble on to it, etc) if others can’t find it WITH the name included.

    I appreciate your help and will keep posting until I figure this out… but again, I’m pretty lost right now.



    Your blog is available here:

    You can copy this link and send it by email to your friends.


    Yes, that’s what I’m doing now… but, I’m wondering why when someone comes to the WordPress page and types in “Tales from the Motherland”, my blog doesn’t come up? Instead, it says “No blogs with that name, woa” (or something close). Have I done something wrong with settings? I have my blog listed as Public, but I’m not sure how anyone but me can read it right now, unless I send them the URL. thanks.



    The search engine only searches through post and page content, so you won’t find your blog if you search by title only.

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