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my blog was blocked

  1. Hallo!
    Today my blog has been blocked "according to statement of Russian court" as violating Russian laws. As my friends told me there was some ip blocked at wordpress and a lot of other blogs (innocent) were blocked too.

    I have never posted any information contradicting Russian laws. What should I do? :( It is a mistake, I guess.

    Sincerely yours,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should mention that was blocked in Russia today because of two web-sites containing texts on children suicide. Blocking two IPs, our authorities blocked several thousand bloggers and portals on My blog was one of them.

    Here are the news (sorry, in Russian only):

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  4. Thanx a lot!

  5. There is nothing that we can do regarding this, we have no control over when countries choose to block us.

    I recommend contacting your ISP about this. They may be able to unblock just your blog, or hopefully take it a step further and only block the offending blogs.

  6. omg :(
    what is ISP? :(

  7. ISP = Internet Service Provider
    It's the company you pay to have internet service from.

  8. oh. I am so embarassed that I really forgot what is ISP :( Sure it is Internet Service Provider.

    My ISP answered that they have an order from Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, and they are to block the IP.

    Two IP's were blocked ( и, and Agency for Health states that they always contact hosting providers prior to blocking the hosting completely. First they ask the provider to block a specific web-site, and if the provider does not do this, they block the hosting provider completely on a state level. I wonder did they really contact on this issue.

  9. Well, they definitely did not contact us. :(

    We're trying to see what we can do about this, but we can't force an ISP to disobey an order from a government organization.

  10. Is it possible to change IP for my blog?
    ISP said that would help. I quess ISP - "Beeline" - does not want to work at all, since it is not interested in the situation of blocking 4 thsd bloggers instead of 2, and its employees do not even try to read the correspondence attentively.

  11. Is it possible to change IP for my blog?

    No, is a cloud-based infrastructure.

    Your site does not have a static IP address or specific server. Instead, requests to load your site are shifted between several IP addresses and servers in order to balance the demand on servers.

    This means that by blocking just two IPs, your ISP has effectively blocked all of, while simultaneously blocking nothing.

    Sometimes your site will be available depending on which IP the load balances are shifting it around to, but it will mostly be offline with two IPs directly blocked. Ironically, the same is true for the sites they are trying to block.

  12. You could use the Custom Domain upgrade to get around it if they are simply blocking your URL instead of your IP.

  13. Rostelecom was contacting WordPress via [email redacted], they said. No answer, and they blocked two IPs. My site is also suffered, and this forum too blocked :-)
    You can install browser Opera, turn on the Opera Turbo mode, and see your site without problem :-)

  14. This is the answer from Rostelecom:


    В связи с выявлением в сети Интернет по адресам:это-сильно/, запрещенной информации (о способах совершения самоубийства) Роспотребнадзором принято решение от 26 февраля 2013 года № 908 о внесении данного указателя страницы сайта в Единый реестр,после-теста-№2-и-первый-уже-не-так-страш/, запрещенной информации (о способах совершения самоубийства) Роспотребнадзором принято решение от 26 февраля 2013 года № 909 о внесении данного указателя страницы сайта в Единый реестр.

    1 марта 2013 года провайдеру хостинга по адресу: ipadmin[dot] были направлены уведомления об удалении запрещенной информации. Электронный адрес провайдера хостинга определен с помощью сервиса Whois. Ответа от владельца сайта или провайдера хостинга не последовало. 14 марта 2013 года сетевой адрес:, на котором размещена запрещенная информация, включен в единый реестр в соответствии со ст. 15.1 Федерального закона от 27.07.2012 № 149-ФЗ «Об информации, информационных технологиях и о защите информации».Для исключения сетевого адреса из единого реестра требуется удалить запрещенную информацию, провайдеру хостинга сообщить об этом в Роскомнадзор.---

    Delete these two pages, report about it to 139-fz(dot), and they unblock these IP.

  15. Delete these two pages, report about it to rsoc_in[dot], and they unblock these IP.

  16. I guess that WordPress Support does not speak Russian, so here is translation of the letter from ISP that Tribunsky has provided above.
    “Since abandoned information (on ways of conducting suicide) was identified atэто-сильно/ andпосле-теста-№2-и-первый-уже-не-так-страш/, Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights on the 26th of February 2013 made a decision No.908 to include IP of the web-page into the United Register of Forbidden Information”
    On the 1st of March 2013 requests to delete forbidden information were sent to hosting provider at: ipadmin[dot] E-mail of hosting provider was identified through Whois service. No answer from the web-site owner or hosting provider followed. On the 14th of March 2013 web-address, where abandoned information was located, was included into United Register according to Article 15.1 of Federal Law N 149-FZ “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”. To exclude web-address from the United Register it is necessary to delete abandoned information, and the hosting provider should notify Russian Agency for Communications.”

    Probably they sent the request to a wrong address, or... in Russian, so nobody understood it?

  17. In the letter they mix up Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights and Russian Agency for Communications.

  18. The WordPress Support can use Google Translator to translate the text. In any case they can delete those two idiots pages and report about it to ... see e-mail above.

  19. Nevertheless, providing such texts to foreign parties both in Russian and English is a international business practice.

  20. Of course. Now we can only wait.

  21.'ll be waiting for a while, WordPress doesn't delete blogs unless they break the TOS. Describing methods of suicide isn't on the list.

  22. The other is that your beef is with the ISP that is not smart enough to block one or two blogs and not several million

  23. Yes, you are right. Seems we need to deal with our ISP. We'll try. Thank you.

  24. Folks, I have been dealing with ISP (two ISPs: Beeline and Rostelecom) since Friday.

    Beeline tried to piss me off and said it is not their problem, but after a scandal they've sent my request to "a person who deal with that". But I guess they are not going to settle the problem.

    The second one answered the same that Trubunsky wrote above (I've translated the letter). I've just asked them, what was the e-mail address of notification and was it in Russian or in English. But I have not received any answer yet.

  25. Sorry about the problems - but blogs at WordPress.COM only go away for three basic reasons

    1) The blog owner deletes the content or the blog
    2) A blog violates the Terms of Service and is suspended
    3) The blog is the target of a court order to remove / take down served on WordPress.COM

    Beyond that people can say almost anything they want in a WordPress.COM blog - anyone that is logged in can visit a blog and file a complaint against a blog - but for action to be taken the blog would need to be in violation of the TOS, and the blog owner has the right also to appeal any suspension

    Good luck with the ISP & related problems

  26. auxclass, it is the third reason why those two blogs were prohibited. And not whole blogs, but one post of each. It was a court decision.

  27. We are aware of that. The bottom line is that cannot do anything about this. Only your ISPs can act on this.

  28. But the court would need to serve the warrant against WordPress.COM not your ISP - and WordPress.COM is a U.S. company so they are bound by U.S. laws regarding free speech

  29. Roskomnadzor sent to a page with negative sites, and please read the time of notification ... very strange that there is not even a phone number, which would be responsible for the claim ... # more-4758

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