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my blog was blocked

  1. Unfortunately for us, auxclass is right about whose problem is this. It is problem of our country, and not WordPress's :( Russian agencies cannot claim other countries to delete information from the blogs just because they do not like it. :(

  2. I think that all providers (ICP) banned those two sites, which led to a ban on all sites, hosting on which according to the decision Roskomnadzor. Do you believe that we should treat all Russian providers, so that they may be allowed to access our site. in my case, in particular, it is about the site of the Temple ...

  3. Hello,

    Oh, blocking something, instead of talking and explaining things, so that people would come to a good conclusion, is so... typical soviet issue!

    Now, some wordpress blogs appear as blocked în Republic of Moldova and Romania as well, because of this. Thie problem occurred to my blog many times (including this morning). Several times, I could not log into wordpress forum, when I wanted to report this. The image of a Russian mobile phone company blocked me accessing many wordpress forum pages.

    Yet, those blocked wordpress blogs have nothing to do with Russia, they are not even wrote in Russian, but in Romanian.

    Hope the problem will be solved soon.

  4. I think the problem you are having is nothing to do with the Russia ruling, take a look at the rest of the forum threads, everyone everywhere is seeing the same problem. hopefully they will fix it soon.

  5. Do you mean those blogs, which were the targets of blocking? They were in Russian (but those which were in Romanian, English, etc. were blocked as well). And I saw screenshots of those pages "to be deleted", and they were quite innocent, from my point of view.

  6. Blogs from all over the world are finding that their stats and reader are not working and they are told that they have breached the Terms of Service.
    Some people first got redirected to a dodgy looking site, others just saw that it was not working. hopefully the guys are on the case and will fix it for everyone.

  7. I have received a denial from two ISPs today - Beeline and Rostelecom. My provider was very sad and told they had really tried, but they had an order to block two IPs: those IPs indicated were in the order of authorities.

    Yes, I wrote to Russian Agency on Communications too, but have received no answer yet.

  8. I have the good news - one of guilty pages -это-сильно/, - is deleted by owner. :-) I am working on the second one -после-теста-№2-и-первый-уже-не-так-страш/. It was posted in 2005 :-) Ha-ha.

  9. pianolearner, you issue is entirely unrelated to this thread. We experienced a temporary technical problem, and your site was not actually suspended. We're sorry for any confusion and for the inconvenience.

    To everyone else here, we're doing our best to resolve situation and are in contact with multiple ISPs.

  10. Just to clarify that last bit, we're doing everything in our power to resolve this, and we really don't have much power in this situation, as the ISPs were ordered by a Russian government entity to block all 40 million blogs in order to censor what now appears to be just 5 blogs.

    You still have a better chance if you approach your ISP as a customer and demand a resolution.

  11. @macmanx Obviously, you can not solve this problem, so we work with no help. We'll cope :-)

  12. Most ISP's have the ability to block an individual blog - but if the court order is for IP numbers it is easier just to block the IP numbers and not argue -

    there have been a few other cases where ISP's blocked WordPress.COM and part of the resolution was customers demanding the problem -

    the most recent case I remember was an ISP in Brazil blocked I think all of WordPress.COM - between the customers asking for resolution and WordPress.COM staffers working with the ISP things did come back - but it took a while and there were a lot of very upset bloggers in the forum

  13. Interesting, why my message has been removed from the thread? Because it listed sites on with terrorist content (according to russian court and internet service provider)?

    I can understand that it was done in order not to promote it, but sites are still there. Does that mean that supports them?

    Just want usual access to the hosting :)

  14. Oops, sorry "jamagat" has already been suspended, but "haamash" is still there...

  15. bigwinhockey, there is no record of you posting in this thread prior to 9 minutes ago.

  16. Strange... Anyway, just for you collection, I mentioned one more troublemaker...

  17. Regarding the question of, "Does that mean that supports them?"

    While does not condone the opinions expressed on the sites in question, we will not remove material on the grounds that it is offensive or disturbing to its readers. Please refer to our position on freedom of speech at the link below:

    If you feel strongly about these particular issues, please consider blogging about them. You will, of course, have the same freedoms.

  18. We hope that this issue is resolved now. Could those users who were affected please let us know if you're still having trouble accessing If so, please also let us know who your internet service provider is. Thank you!

  19. I also hope the problem was solved.

    Actually, I still have some difficulties, but I don't think it's the same issue (I don't know what it is, yet, I believe it's because of my computer) .

    So, thanks again for your concern and for all your help!

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