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My blog was closed

  1. I just want to make you a question... my blog has just been closed and I don't know why, why has my blog been closed? I mean, I didn't do anything wrong, all my posts were ok... I didn't spam or something like that..

    Please, I create my blog like a week ago and I was very happy with it...
    If I did something wrong I beg you to give me another chance, I won't do it again, but please give me my blog and my account because it was suspended too... my account is:"vwaz" and my blog: ""

  2. I'm not a staff member but I have a feeling that if you drop the 'v' from the machine name of your URL, you'll get the reason why your blog was ToS'ed.

    If you feel the need to appeal, feel free to send in a request to support at this domain but, if that was the content of your blog, I wouldn't bother as you probably won't be getting it back.

    From the Term of Service: (You can find a link in the footer of this very page)

    the downloading, copying and use of the Content will not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret rights, of any third party;

  3. Only been with around a month, but I have my daily dose of deja vu each time I check the forums......sometimes it's just too predictable.

  4. drmike..
    how do I send a request?

    my domain was "" not "" does that have something to do with the fact that my blog was suspended... if that's the cause then that isn't fair...

    look all I want is to get back my blog, I put all my effort for around a week, every day I post, some of my friends were helping too...
    I repeat, if I did something wrong just let me know and you can be sure that I won't do it again, I feel very bad at this moment... all I want is to get back my blog.. please =(

    If there's something I can do please let me know...

    Thanks for your time..

  5. Send in an email to support at this domain with your request. (I think I said that in my post)

  6. so I send a mail to :
    [email redacted]

    is that correct?
    it's just that I'm not from USA so I have some problems with the english =S
    and yes, you said it on your post =P

  7. The term "warez" is a giveaway to what your blog was likely doing. The name alone would have drawn attention, and if it contained what it would have been suspended. There are a few terms which do draw attention....warez is one of them.

    They do not suspend blogs on reports...they look for themselves and judge for themselves if suspension is warranted.

    I have been reported wrongly as a spammer by a disgruntled commentator to my blog....I know it's not spamming, and since I am still up an running, I'd guess that someone from WordPress looked at my blog when they got the complaint, and saw it was wrong.

    My guess is that since it has been suspended, that it DID contain what was suspected.....and no amount of pleading will get it back. It's a clear cut "do not do this under any circumstances....yet you chose to do it anyway". As far as "not being aware of any wrong drmike says....look at the TOS page, read and study. As for the "I will learn my lesson".....of course you w(ont)'ll likely create another account to do the same thing and complain like this when THAT ONE is suspended for the same reason.

    It could have been could have been reported to the authorities, and your ISP (since your IP address information will be on the WordPress servers.) for them to decide if it's illegal, or if any legal action should be taken against you for copyright infringement.

  8. Yes, send your request to that address.

  9. Thanks for your time...
    I actually don's know what I'm going to do...


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