My blog was suspended and I need help

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    This morning, I got my blog suspended without any warning or explanation. I hadn’t posted or written anything from 14 December until this morning (except a draft that I published a few hours ago). Also I check my notification, my registered email carefully and there was NOTHING.
    Then I sill had the chance to export my content. I tried to import it to another WP blog, but my new account was, again, suspended while the importing progress went up to 32%!
    At least you should have let me finish importing so I could figure out what went wrong.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    We are not able to help with suspended sites in the support forums, so I’m closing this thread.

    Please use the link appearing in your site’s dashboard to contact our terms of service staff, or you can use the contact form on this page:

    Suspended Blogs and Sites

    Then please wait patiently for them to reply via email.

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