My blog was suspended!!!

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    This morning, as many these days, I awoke to work on perfecting my online presence. This morning I found that my account for my wordpress blog had been suspended!! I also notice that there are several others having the same complaint that their work has been ripped from them with so-much-as a word.

    Maybe there was reasons that I did know of – maybe not. Maybe this a new form abuse or fun for some twisted soul. My blog was not a great master piece even by in my mind. But it was a place where addicts could come to read prayers I offered for solace.

    My question is – if a violation of TOS has been committed – why is the no mediation before summary conviction and sentencing?



    There’s never any mediation prior to suspension. That’s in the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you signed up.

    But more importantly, there’s an intermittent bug going around suspending people’s blogs without cause. It’s been identified already.

    To fix it:
    You need to contact staff and get that un-done, presuming you didn’t violate any Terms of Service. Email them at support at wordpress dot com and wait to hear back.


    Thanks for the quick and informative response. I have sent an email – and I have left a comment of “marks” blog. This episode is very taxing. Your response will help ease my feelings of abuse.



    lostinspace59 – you haven’t left a url here or in comments on my blog. So I do not know how or where to help.



    Bloggers: If you have this problem then see the sticky post at the head of the forum
    and please leave your details.


    Hello everyone, a few people have tried to visit my journal, and received a message which says “account suspended by court order”. Has anyone else received this exact wording? Also, can someone visit my blog and tell me if they see that message? Things seem to be fine on my end. :) Miss T


    Staff is okay, not suspended.


    Thank you Mark. That’s weird. Maybe they were visiting the wrong web address. :) T


    Ok…I may have found the problem. It looks like Turkey has blocked access to wordpress for their residents. See links below, just in case anyone else has this problem. :) T


    Ahhh, yes, hadn’t thought of that. China is blocked as well.

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