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    I’ve just found my blog translated into Italian. Does anyone know if that’s common? Is it fair use? I was not asked or told about it but stumbled on it myself.

    The blog I need help with is


    If they have translated the entire blog without your permission, or ever just selected post, then no it is not.

    Read the FAQ’s and tips on this site set up by wordpress for more information on what you can do about it:



    Thank you!



    I just went to that site, and, not finding anything relevant, I revisited the “stolen” blog to see who did it: It’s Google! Google “traduttore.” Are THEY allowed to do this? I’m a Google member, and use them for my home page. Does that give them the right?

    I like it that someone is interested enough in my work to bother, and I don’t at all mind having a whole new group of Italian speaking readers. I do mind, and always have, someone just taking my work, the entire blog no less, without any permission from me whatsoever.


    It is plagiarism, pure and simple. Your stuff has been stolen. What you need to do is to file a DMCA violation notice with the blog owner, and if that does not work then you need to file it with their web host. I’ve now gotten to where I simply go directly to the web host and don’t even bother with the blog owners anymore. Virtually always they come back with “fair use” or tell me to take a hike or something like that, or tell me that anything posted on the internet is public domain (yes there are a good number that really believe that).

    At one time I was sending out 15 or so DMCA violation notices each month to various web hosts to get stolen content taken down. Thankfully they all seemed to have gotten the message, and now I’m down to perhaps 1 or 2 per month – some months none.

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