My blog won’t load!!!!

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    My blog has been down since early this morning, I have emailed support (with no response), looked for other forum postings to see if this was a common issue and come up with nothing!

    My blog needs to live about 6 hours ago, is anyone else having this issue??


    Can we get a link to your blog? The site linked to your username isn’t a wordpress.COM blog.



    I’m having the same problem. it went down this morning too. According to my sitemeter, other people can get to it, but I can’t. Whats with that? And yes, I have a good connection.



    memoblog, you’re using your own name server and it is configured to return an A (IP) address for – this is incorrect, we have multiple IP addresses and they change occasionally. It should use a CNAME record instead, as described in the subdomain part of the FAQ here:

    Please pass that on to whoever manages your domains.

    keylenelise, – it’s up.



    I can view my blog, but the new post I published today isn’t showing up. I can’t get it to show as published, or even to save out as a draft. When I write it and View it, it shows previews correctly. Also, it shows Page Updated at the top right when it redisplays my Write Post page. But the new post isn’t going anywhere.

    I read about the denial of service attack this morning on the WordPress blog and see that they closed comments on that thread, although it’s apparently still affecting one of the WP server locations.

    Any suggestions much appreceiated. My WordPress blog is at



    spapleasures, your blog isn’t hosted at Sorry but we can’t help.

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