My Blog won’t show up after I registered it O_O

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    I just, a few minutes ago, clicked on “register another blog” while logged into my WordPress account, and registered a blog name. I got the confirmation screen saying: “” is now yours!

    Please login with “” with the existing password. Within the quotes, there was nothing, no writing. I even took a screenshot. Now I log in into my account and I don’t see it listed under existing blogs. It only lists my old blog that I no longer post in:

    Your blogs are >>
    – Capricasix
    -??? Nothhing else here…

    What’s going on. I can’t re-register it, the name is taken… I even saw a preview of the site with the default skin and no posts. I tried to log in from there, then it was gone. What’s going on?



    Looks like a back-end error. Try forcing a full refresh (hold down shift when you refresh) and if that does not work, flush your browser cache (on IE it is :”Tools”, “Internet Options”, “General” – “Temporary Internet Files”,”Delete Files” “Okay”). . If that does not work, wait for support to re-open and submit a support request. If you need it quickly, write an email to



    Or, since it’s mid-week and support should be open, just use your Feedback button.



    Thank you so much for your responses, I am looking for more responses as well, so don’t feel hesitant to leave a comment. I’ll try what you 2 have suggested =).



    raincoaster – have you tried the feedback button today?



    Okay, this is what’s going on right now:

    The new blog that I just registered is

    You can go there, it’s the brand new Blog I just created that has the title: “The Virtual Vixens blog”.

    I log into my account, Onixz100 – and it doesn’t list: virtualvixens under “your blogs”.

    – I have tried clearing cache completely, relogging in
    – Refreshing

    I don’t think it can be possible that I signed this up on another account, because the only account info I know is mine =/.



    Here is a screenshot of the confirmation page I got after registering that blog. Check where it tells me to log in. How come there is nothing between the quotes O_O.



    Email sent, problem resolved.

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