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My blogpost is copied at [plagiarism issue]

  1. Hello
    Some blog hosted on has copied my blogpost without providing any credits or linkback.
    This is serious issue.
    My original post

    Copied post

    I wrote this post on my blospot blog on April 18 2007, and this post was copied on on june 6 2007.

    Also the images used in that blog are directly hotlinked from my blogger account. Please take an appropriate action against this internet thief.


  2. I see your ticket in support. This can only be dealt with there. I will respond in a few short minutes.

  3. For future reference (for anybody reading this), if you wish to file a DMCA notice, please refer to

  4. Thanks.
    Actually I got bit paranoid. If you feel, you can remove this thread from forums and can deal the issue in private.
    Thanks again.

  5. The guy really doesn't care about copyright, that's for sure... If you look at this post:

    it is close to a carbon copy of this post.

    No attribution, no link, no thanks, just a post and that's it.

  6. Thanks, lettershometoyou. I'll investigate any other possible copyright issues with the blog.

  7. @Bubel
    Thanks for the fast support. I just gor an email indicating that the blogpost has been removed from that blog.

    Even I was looking into the other posts of that blog. Most of the images used are hotlinked from other blogs without any attribution.

    So I was just thinking that is deleting a single post a solution?

  8. Thank you WordPress.
    I have blogged about the issue and follow up on my blog.

  9. In fact, if you google not the first sentence but the second or third of each post, you'll find that pretty much everything in the blog came from somewhere else. I think that blog is not long for this world. Reported as spam.

  10. I love doing that.

  11. Its Gone..
    Wordpress Rocks :)

  12. Glad they resolved it for you. I found a website where somebody copied all my text verbatim (it was a travel article) and all my photos (including a photo which included a portrait of myself!) I wrote countless times to the owner of the website, but didn't once receive a reply, so my plagerised page still remains there. Sadly it wasn't plagerised on a wordpress related website.

  13. Thanks Technicalbliss, I'd tried most things suggested in the list short of sending a fax. I write with quite unique sentences in my articles so I was entirely certain that if I did a google search, only my article would appear. Lo and behold about 20 pages with my text popped up, mainly other bloggers using snippets of my work with one or two photos and a credit. Whilst none of them ever contacted me in the first instance, I had no objections. I was just a bit annoyed that this one site copied the whole lot with no credit, but I left a stern comment at the bottom of the article and redirected people to my original page.

  14. It just got re-reported.

  15. How can it pop up again after being taken down? That's just dumb.

  16. He probably only took down the specific posts that got reported. But if you google any sentence out of the MIDDLE of his posts, you find they're all stolen from elsewhere. Or at least all the ones that I have found.

  17. Yes I am bit disappointed. Also few individuals have expressed different opinions in the comment space of my blog

    Seems like needs to pay a bit more attention to this issue.

  18. I think the pattern of behavior is pretty well-established here and that blogger simply cannot be trusted. I've seen them kill blogs like that before, so hopefully they will kill this one as well.

  19. Um, DO note I wasn't talking about Dr Mike!

  20. ^The commenter is a spammer please remove there comment ^

  21. We do pay attention to copyright infringement reports. We have to be careful with informal reports because the blogger in question might have permission to publish that material, or might have obtained it from a different source. We generally need to give the blogger a chance unless we receive a valid DMCA takedown notice or have additional verifiable information.

    Also please bear in mind that staff have more information available to them, including correspondence with the blog owner.

  22. @technicalbliss,

    I have seen various comments from Dr. Mike, from time to time in last
    couple of months and usually Dr. Mike, never has anything
    nice to say about WortdPress, or Automattic,

  23. <i>Also please bear in mind that staff have more information available to them, including correspondence with the blog owner. </i>

    Does this also include blog owners of "Wordpress <i>powered</i>" blogs? (i.e., Are You Riled Up? - is proudly powered by WordPress MU running on Local Ferret. Create a new blog and join in the fun!
    Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).) If "wordpress" isn't part of the URL, does that mean that staff have no say about the legalities of the site in question?

    I ask this because these sites
    Have been stripping content from other people's blogs.
    "Mu" was running other "Wordpress powered" sites this year and stripping content, but got shut down. He/she is up and running again.

    OrgAbuseHandle: SAIRC-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Spry Abuse Incident Response Center
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-206-838-9051
    OrgAbuseEmail: [email redacted]

    OrgNOCHandle: SPRYN-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: Spry NOC
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-206-838-9051
    OrgNOCEmail: [email redacted]

    OrgTechHandle: SPRYN-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Spry NOC
    OrgTechPhone: +1-206-838-9051
    OrgTechEmail: [email redacted]

    I've already sent complaints to both advertisers bannered on both pages.

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