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my blogroll has disappeared!

  1. my blogroll links are there in - BLOGROLL/MANAGE BLOGROLL - and VISIBLE is selected
    the only thing that i’ve changed is i’ve just added the META widget to my side bar
    really would like my blogroll back!
    or am i visually challenged?

  2. did you put the links widget into your sidebar? you need that for the blogroll to appear.

  3. if u do have the links in your sidebar, there is another way to solve it. you have to change the theme.

  4. hi there sulz
    thanx for your time and help
    no i haven't put links into side bar box - i can see it in the group of widget available
    i wonder why there isn't a blogroll widget!
    any other ideas?!

  5. oh noooooooo - i love my theme!
    wiidude thanx for your suggestion
    i haven't put links on the side bar.
    can i keep my theme then?!

  6. eurika!
    i reread your instructions and saw that said that the links widget HAS 2 B on the side bar!
    for the blog roll to appear!
    for some reason i understood that it mustnot be there
    i think i'm sleep deprived
    thanx so much for your input

  7. heleneodette, the blogroll widget *is called* links. Just put it in your sidebar and you'll see.

    wiidude, please, leave it. Wrong answers only confuse people.

  8. glad to help, heleneodette. =)

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