My blogs are disappearing

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    Hi, I’ve tried to add a new post 3 or 4 times now and everytime I preview page or publish – the entire content is just wiped clear!
    I’m getting a bit upset now, and I dont know where to begin to resolve this matter.
    Can anyone help me? I have deadlines to meet and can’t meet them which is costing me work! If not resolved I have no other choice but to start a new blog elsewhere and loose all my work!
    A very stressed out Lu x

    The blog I need help with is



    Try viewing all of your posts and see if they were saved as drafts. WordPress normally saves autodrafts so if the preview didn’t work there may be for some reason the draft might.

    On a side note, early this morning WordPress was running some sort of maintenance so that may have something to do with it.


    thanks Eksith, i’ve checked all my previous posts and they are all fine, autosave for new posts is blank too!
    Hopefully it is a maintenance issue, but seems odd that i would be the only one unable to post a new post!



    I got a slight hiccup while posting too. I had to refresh the page and post again to make it work, but that was after the maintenance message. Incidentally, I just found my new post isn’t appearing on any of the tag pages, so this definitely seems like maintenance issue.

    Try posting again in an hour or so to see if it goes through. If it’s a short post, you can click on the “New Post” link on the top toolbar of your blog and maybe that will go through.



    @Lu: This is a glitch with drafts that keeps being reported ever since the latest major updates. Avoid using drafts altogether: when you start a new post, write a couple of words or lines, set the post visibility to private, publish the post, continue editing and updating, turn to public when finished.


    @justpi, thank you so much for your help, it worked! I am now one destressed lady and really can’t thank you enough xx



    You’re welcome!

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