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My blogs aren't showing up under the tags

  1. I've looked at other threads relating to this question and I've tried the suggestions, but nothing seems to work. I published the blog over 2 hours ago, but I'm seeing blogs in the same categories and tags that were published only minutes ago.

  2. Please give us more specifics. We need your blog URL, starting with http. We need the link to a specific post, so we can see the tags you put on it and do the check ourselves. We need to know how old your blog as a whole is.


    That's the blog page. There's only one post on there. My blog is about 3 hours old.

  4. Well, without even looking I can tell you that's the issue. I know for a fact that brand-new blogs are excluded from tags. I started a blog recently that didn't get indexed till the fourth day I think it was. This is a policy decision by staff, probably to reduce spam. Your post will show up once your blog is indexed in a few days.

  5. Ok, thanks

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